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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Guangdong fast loading aluminum alloy button scaffolding company contact phone number: 18420150310 electric bridge scaffold electric construction platform aluminum alloy scaffolding products series design entirely through BS1139, EN12810, EN1004, international safety and quality standards, easy handling and, besides can use a single set of independent, also can form large structures used for elevator, stairs, turf - such as construction site Aluminum alloy material is also more solid intellectual man fit. All frame design advantages: 1, adopt the interlock elastic clamp design, easy handling, can be set freely by high utilization; 'T' type welding structure to extend the service life of the scaffold. 2 every 50 cm on both sides, the tower can be laid flat pallet, each layer of flat pallet bearing 272 kilograms, allowing people more highly homework at the same time. 3, prevent slippery flat pallet for the use of wet weather, platform edge with aluminum to provide protection, enhance the safety of operation. 4, opening flat pallet closing lock will be automatically closed; When handling, bars firmly buckle valve in case of accident. 5 protective skirting board, platform widened to 200 mm, prevent fall tool thereof. 6, support bar outside the aluminum alloy connection buckle be installed quickly, to enhance the stability of the tower. 7, all of the support bar self-locking hook adopts high quality aluminum manufacturing, horizontal, diagonal strut use colors to distinguish: red - — Diagonal, green - — Cross bar. 8, castor adjusting rod adjustable range increased to 290 mm, and extended the scaffolding installation conditions, suitable for rugged ground work. Smudging activity castor oil corrosion, the lobby marble floor. 9, the new pipe thread non-slip surface, strengthen safety operation. Walk ladder within 10, matching ( A grab bar) Electric bridge scaffold electric construction platform fast loading aluminum alloy button scaffolding company in guangdong
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