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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Factory production of aluminum alloy scaffolding focuses on quality, innovation, technology, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, and strive to provide customers the best product solutions. The manufacturer of high quality for all products made in accordance with the highest safety standards, including BS EN1004 - European standard scaffolding tower. In addition, still need through the ISO 2001:2015 certification to ensure product's quality and bear a responsibility. In addition, in order to meet the changing needs of customers, scaffolding company will invest a lot of money on the latest technology research and development, to bring innovation and continuously to the market to provide value-added products and services. The main characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding is divided into the following: low conform to EN 1004 standard. 's application for internal and external use low height from 2 square meters, and 22 square meters. Low free tools to install/remove. * easy to install on the uneven steps. Low mobile scaffolding without having to dismantle easily. Low base support jack, to prevent winds blow. ( Suitable for 15 meters and above) When each layer will have a rest platform ( Work platform) 。 Armed with the right support arm low inclined walking up stairs. When equipped with 3:1 ( Height: scaffolding base) Stabilizer stents will brace can be used for the auxiliary stability. Low working platform of the safe working load of 200 kg/square meters. After the low use of scaffolding is easy to store. Low heavy-duty casters with locking devices, extended range of 400 mm. Low working platform is equipped with 80 mm height of skirting board, in order to prevent the tools fall off. Reduce artificial cost/time, improve work efficiency. Applicable people: decorator, plumbers, electricians, painter, carpenter, air-conditioning installation work, maintenance, etc. Suitable for: maintenance walkways, TV set, construction sites, the roof channel, highway, airport, shopping centers, solar power plant, custom aisle, hanging, swimming pool, the theater, stadium, sundry, aviation, museums, factories, power plants, hospitals, atrium, etc.
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