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Aluminum alloy scaffolding factory remind prefabricated construction projects - need to pay attention to the problem Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the work high above the

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
【 Abstract 】 Since early 2015, the state passed a series of policies to encourage development of prefabricated construction. Prefabricated construction concept gradually known by people, how to improve the prefabricated construction engineering quality management? Using aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers provide auxiliary structures can speed things up? 1 prefabricated construction with advanced technology in the whole life cycle of assembly building in our country, should be adopted radio frequency technology and building information model, the two key technologies can contribute to the construction process of prefabricated construction to develop in the direction of green. Which radio frequency technology can timely and accurately record components of physics information and geometry information. In the process of assembly and production assembly building, need from acceptance, installation, logistics, warehousing, production aspects of accurate identification of component information, in order to prevent the information isolated island problem, reduce the error rate of information input so as to promote building information model information update. The building information model is the core of the construction engineering technology, effectively prevent the formation of the phenomenon of information island. In building information model is established, the model of core data is mainly the lifecycle of the building, of individual equipment data and continuous management of the assembly data and further analysis of components, through the calculation of modeling analysis of components and the overall coupling, judge the rationality of the assembly, the assembly development play a positive role, improve the assembly quality. 2 well over the border guard to prevent the problem of falling object, you can use aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding, which is set at the entrance barrier, with safety net block, painted bright paint at the same time, make the operator can see it clearly. In foundation pit engineering, aluminum alloy scaffolding can also be used to set the palisade structure, adjacent to at least 1000 kn external impact, fast to build tools around the bottom of the fence can be used the concrete retaining wall on the retaining wall. All climbing channel must be set on both sides of the safety barrier. Set the channel, should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the relevant norms and standards setting, channel can be firmly fixed; The protection of stair should comply with the safety standard requirements, can be set with scaffolding, the slope of stair must meet the requirements of the provisions of scaffolding manufacturer shall not be used too steep stairs. 3 set up perfect prefabricated construction quality supervision mechanism many problems of the construction site is not caused by construction personnel, but the design of the casting or in the fabrication of the problems existing in the production and processing, cause a series of construction quality problems. By establishing a scientific and perfect quality monitoring mechanism, through the whole process and whole process supervision and inspection, can control the problems existing in the construction process, thus reducing the problems in the construction process, using aluminum alloy scaffolding can speed up the construction efficiency, thus to guarantee the assembly in a comprehensive way the overall quality of the construction project.
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