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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
The material of aluminum alloy scaffolding, ok? Shenzhen tengda is high strength T6 aluminum alloy scaffolding used - 6061 aluminum alloy materials, has the very high corrosion, product quality is lighter, the weight is only 1/3 of the steel pipe scaffold, wall thickness not less than 2 mm, more than 1 on the market. 5 ~ 1. 7 mm wall thickness aluminum alloy scaffolding is more strong and durable. The variety of aluminum alloy scaffolding have? Can be divided into three types: folding aluminum alloy scaffolding, Folding small movable scaffolding) , wide type aluminum alloy scaffolding, 2000 * 750 mm, is suitable for the narrow space) Wide type aluminum alloy scaffolding, double ( 2000 * 1350 mm, is suitable for the broad environment) 。 How about the price? Shenzhen tengda aluminum frame from design to production are made carefully, materials thick, lightweight flexible, price according to the specification parts quantity pricing, factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn price difference, is much cheaper than the same type scaffolding manufacturer. With simple scaffolding, can reduce or change parts to reduce the price of space, only to let more people use safe products. At present, we do the product price is not the lowest, but under the same quality, our price is most competitive, the highest cost performance. Can you customize? Aluminum alloy scaffolding for product can be customized according to customer demand, we have a team with many years of construction experience and professional engineers, can be customised to deal with complex environment of exclusive products. Whether work height or working area size can be easily solved. Can customize the construction plan? In order to better meet the needs of customers, all customer buy our scaffolding products, we will be free for you to customize the construction plan. Free for you to solve the construction problems, allowing you to buy the rest assured, with enjoyable. If in doubt, we can live more guidance teaching operation. How long can use? Aluminum alloy scaffolding products quality assurance general for 30 years, 30 years have any quality problem, provide free replacement service ( Except for artificial damage) 。 More and we launch the recycling service, can't use up to processing of aluminum alloy scaffolding recycling processing, for you to solve the problem of storage at the same time, there are richly rewarded. Aluminum alloy scaffolding which to choose? Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding cost-effective, good quality, international brand, we have many years of construction experience, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, the product conforms to the shenzhen construction engineering safety civilization construction standards, production technology and technological achievement is well ahead of other similar scaffold field manufacturers. Shenzhen tengda ladder, aluminum alloy scaffolding is your safe choice.
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