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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage provides a higher price than steel scaffolding anyone engaged in construction business will most likely be familiar with the scaffold. Provide a temporary scaffold for construction workers platform, work on the platform, and the most commonly used building repair or clean structure, lighting maintenance and other inaccessible machinery. Scaffolding are usually made of steel or aluminum, but for the people engaged in the construction industry, using aluminum scaffold has many advantages, though prices higher than steel scaffolding aluminum scaffolding. Compared with the steel scaffolding, aluminum scaffold has the following five advantages. Aluminum scaffolding and lighter aluminum scaffolding of lightweight aluminum scaffolding much lighter in weight. In fact, the number of aluminum scaffolding is less than half of the steel scaffolding. Because of light weight, aluminum alloy scaffolding is not only more easily from one location to another location, and at the construction site is easier to install and remove. Reduce the Labour required for the aluminum scaffolding installation when using aluminum scaffolding, usually require less labor. Not only need less manpower, but may also don't need a crane. When using aluminum scaffolding, it will hurt in work and raise the risk of accidents to a minimum. If use aluminum scaffolding instead of steel scaffolding, need only two people can erect and remove the steel scaffolding. Similarly, aluminum scaffolding can use smaller trucks. Aluminum scaffolding can erect normally, faster aluminum scaffolding are easier to install, and rise faster than steel scaffolding. Castor aluminum scaffolding is equipped with high strength, make quick and easy installation. The H frame structure block combination design usually does not require any installation tools. Because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, so construction workers from a work site is transferred to another job site, and the least downtime. Aluminum scaffold has many USES no matter what work do you need the scaffold, aluminum scaffolding has many USES. Here are just some of them: a. Narrow and wide span span scaffold - erection rolling tower b without any tools. Stair - need to use tools and machinery safety when climbing platform C. Folding scaffold - open and lock in place to provide immediate base in addition to these types of scaffolding, customizing scaffold can be made of aluminum. Aluminum scaffolding service life is longer if aluminum scaffolding is scratch, will form the oxide layer, helps to protect the inner core. This natural aluminum oxide layer can prevent the metal underneath exposed to air and oxygen. Compare when scraped steel scaffolding, the scaffolding can rust and eventually weaken the scaffold structure. Even if aluminum scaffolding again and again after use and exposure to various elements, it will not chip or rust. Aluminum also dent in case and a more flexible, it is not only to make it strong and durable, but also can make its service life is longer.
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