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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding features: light weight scouring, persistence of aluminium alloy raw materials, aluminum alloy scaffolding parts of lightweight, easy to plant, transfer and storage. Scaffolding weight only about 1/3 of the traditional steel structure of the scaffold. 2. Set up, easy to open a brief overall structure combination of 'building block' planning, unit scale, without the bulk. Device without any tools, two workers in a short period of time can build a height of 20 meters of aerial work platform. 3. Came to structure, high safety unit cohesion strength, constant support organizational planning science and aluminum alloy scaffolding, came to the structure safety. Selects the internal expanding external pressure type cold work process, the new scaffold joint destruction pulled off force reached 4100 - 4400 kg, far from 2100 kg of allowable pulled off force, 12 meters high double wide type maximum bearing up to 900 kg. 4. Mobile convenience is equipped with high strength belt brake casters, mobile and locking can be arbitrary, aluminum alloy scaffolding to continue operating in multiple doesn't work addresses. 5. Usability strong leg height adjustment, can be according to the steps, stairs and mixed and disorderly relief operations; With pu castor, can avoid damage to marble, wood and grass on the ground; Can be in and out of the narrow space, Such as the elevator, the door) , aluminum alloy scaffolding building and homework; Combination variety, beautiful appearance. 6. Resistance to corrosion, protect all parts via the special anti-oxidation freedom, joint for a solid shot peening castings, aluminum alloy scaffolding products operating life of up to more than 30 years. 7. Aluminum alloy scaffolding to establish agile is special maintenance work according to user needs, special planning and manufacturing, quick delivery, after doing things detailed in a timely manner.
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