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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Hainan aluminum alloy scaffolding folding scaffold is better should avoid as far as possible, and the lower at the same time for homework. When the customers to buy scaffolding, scaffolding safety is first priority. Removal of required from top to bottom level, banned from top to bottom work together; To remove the protective railings, degree of scaffold board and the horizontal bar, and, in turn, remove shears hold the upper part of the fastener; Set-up can remove all shears hold before, it is necessary to strengthening support, avoid the scaffold. Comprehensive review of scaffolding parts and support system is in line with the construction requirements. Rental, 24 hours online consulting, delivery at any time. Scaffold architecture consists of basic structure, the overall stability and resistance to lateral force member, even the wall pieces and unloading device, operation layer facilities and other security protection facilities of five parts. Second, the double wide aluminum alloy scaffolding in detail ( 1) Specifications and parameters of the double wide width of aluminum alloy scaffolding to 1. 35 m, length 2. 0 m, its load, castor properties consistent with unit width aluminum alloy scaffolding. Therefore, using low alloy steel pipe scaffold instead of carbon steel pipe scaffold has obvious economic benefits and social benefits. Convenient, easy to use, save cost because of less dosage, light weight, operators can more easily assembled. Hainan aluminum alloy scaffolding folding scaffold carrying sex is good, in terms of scaffolding, carrying sex is very important, if the bearing is bad, will let the operators have dangerous life at any time, shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding wall thickness not less than 2 mm. News recommend living building hall of hainan province of hainan, hainan will be the provincial municipal infrastructure, public buildings, residential construction projects such as select multiple projects as a prefabricated steel structure demonstration project, requires large span more than 20000 square meters of public building adopts steel structure first. Aluminum alloy scaffolding to realize rapid development of hainan province nearly two years, in 2018 the province to determine the implementation of prefabricated construction area of 820000 square meters, has nearly 4 million square meters by 2019. 。 Prefabricated steel structure architecture not only meets the development of the national ecological experimental zone of civilization strategy of hainan province, and has a high degree of industrialization, short construction period, construction accessories transportation convenient, the whole life cycle of recycling, green environmental protection, etc. At present, aluminum alloy scaffolding structures, construction steel structure prefabricated building proportion of hainan province still has great room to improve. This year, hainan will be in government investment in public buildings and other public buildings of a certain scale of priority to the construction of steel structure, encourage cooperation with universities, research institutes and other steel structure enterprise bear the provincial financial project of science and technology ( Project) Special, with a tropical Marine monsoon climate characteristics of steel structure housing application technology research. Especially for preservation, sound insulation, waterproof, segregation and isolation, shading and other related problems in technical research, formulate relevant technical standards, steady progress was made in public housing prefabricated steel structure buildings. To build a house, aluminum alloy scaffolding in hainan can not less.
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