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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
In recent years, architectural decoration essential aluminum alloy scaffolding more and more get the attention of people. If you need to extend its service life, the need to protect and repair, and keep it properly. At this point, completes the maintenance work is very necessary. We all know that aluminum alloy scaffolding is a very important in construction of the carrier, is responsible for the construction safety, therefore, completes the maintenance work. So how should I maintain aluminum alloy scaffolding? First of all, when components are bent, shall, first of all to straightening deformation and repair of the damaged components first, to ensure that it can normal use in the construction. Second, will use aluminum alloy scaffolding shall promptly ( Including the corresponding accessories) Back to the branch warehouses, classify and store. When stacked in the open, to ensure that the storage field leveling, good drainage, equipped with support pad, and covered with waterproof fabric, accessories, components placed in the interior. Third, aluminum alloy scaffolding, material is aluminium alloy, not rusty, so after each use, simple clean can put down the warehouse stores. Although not rust, but had better not long time where humidity is more than 75%. 4, fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is detachable, general company in order not to take a place, will be removed to save the warehouse, in a timely manner is disassembled for spare parts for inspection and acceptance.
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