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Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01

Aluminum alloy scaffolding as a mobile platform you can use in many occasions, maintenance, installation, painting, etc, so you need a can be quickly assembled, portable, free combination, the height of the scaffold, Dr Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding ladder scaffolding, the product conforms to the HD international safety and quality and manufacturing less, all aluminum frame is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications: we have 1 - 48 meters high aluminum alloy scaffolding, which have single, double wide wide choice, all kinds of accessories, to provide design, can be customized, can rent available. Contact phone number - 184 2015 - Scaffolding using light intensity aluminum alloy, 0310 aluminum alloy component quality is light, easy to install, transport and storage.

184 - 2015 - 0310 scaffolding weight only a third of the traditional steel scaffolding, crushing the ground don't have to worry about high strength, stability, support institutions design science, security and stability of the whole structure. 

Using internal and external pressure of new process of cold working of scaffold joint reach - breaking force Kg permits the tensile aluminum alloy scaffolding structure blocks combination design, component standardization, without parts, without tools, unarmed removable, high strength, high stability. 

Aluminum alloy scaffolding can anticorrosive, after use, remove the into the warehouse stores do not take a place. Welding aluminum alloy scaffolding high strength aluminum alloy material, as a result of the aluminum itself is a kind of active metal component, it is easy to acid-base reaction with the outside world, if the water for a long time, the composition of aluminium will react in the water. 

To provide support to the stability of performance, stent by oxidation, make its surface with the oxide film, prevent external scaffold material corrosion. 184 - 2015 - 0310 in order to overcome the defect of aluminum alloy surface hardness and wear resistance, extend the service life and surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of aluminum alloy in use. Metal oxide film change the surface state and performance, such as surface shading, improve the corrosion resistance and enhance the wear resistance and hardness, protect the metal surface and so on. For example, anodized aluminum, aluminum alloy is placed in the corresponding electrolyte ( Such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc. ) 

In certain conditions and external electrical flow as anode electrolysis. Aluminium alloy anode, aluminum or its alloy oxidation surface forming a thin layer of alumina, the thickness of 5 ~ 20 microns. After anodic oxidation of aluminum or its alloy to improve its hardness and wear resistance. 184 - 2015 - 0310 aluminum alloy scaffolding rent out                                

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