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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer recently how? The xinjiang daily reporter said: 'recently, urumqi, big green city to build new material industrial park has been built in the three companies. So far, the park has introduced the 7 companies, the total investment of about 86 billion yuan, after the production output of about 42 billion yuan a year, about 1500 jobs. According to the report, the park's construction is accelerating, because the park is just one of the two construction building materials city park. At present, the park infrastructure projects completed. Seven factories, five has begun construction of two complete archive and preliminary planning procedure has been completed. As countries the progress of science and technology and the improvement of environmental requirements, time saving, simple manufacturing, less pollution, saving labor, new technology, new aluminium alloy materials packaged scaffolding of advantages such as rapid construction of buildings and equipment and equipment has become the inevitable trend of construction development, new construction and the construction of large green city new material industrial park should be transport. After the installation, aluminum alloy scaffolding fleetly and can be removed in a construction site use, convenient and environmental protection efficiency. Construction and building materials industrial park construction the optimization of industrial structure adjustment and industrial layout and the qingcheng mountain city industrial development has the vital significance of development, also is of great significance to cultivate new economic growth point. ” Park is located in Uabo region, planning land area of 10. 26 square kilometers, intelligent building materials manufacturing garden and ecological city & quot; , new types of construction and building materials industry chain, gradually improve the core pillar support, to stand out in UU. Xinjiang in the northwest of a new type of building integrated production and the service of xinjiang, which greatly need thousands of tons of scaffolding, many has plans to send people to the aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, which in the domestic many also may listen very fresh, but in foreign countries, this has been the mainstream of the construction. In the early 1990 s, Europe and the United States and other countries have been popular aluminum alloy scaffolding, which Sweden has reached 95% of the aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer. At home, or in the steel pipe scaffold for the mainstream, but along with the increasingly serious environmental problems, resource shortage, countries began to push forward the more environmental protection, energy saving, security, longevity and fabricated scaffold. Aluminum alloy tuyere scaffolding manufacturer to become a new market, is bound to bring a new revolution to real estate construction industry.
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