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Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform advantages and characteristic Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
The mobile platform is movable aluminum alloy scaffolding, builds the platform is a rapid, used for decoration, maintenance and other projects, is a very common tool. Scaffolding bearing the main reason of aluminium alloy tube wall thickness. Good quality aluminum alloy scaffolding tube wall thickness is 2 mm, the average wall thickness of aluminum alloy scaffolding is 2. 0 mm, weight is 175 kg. Carefully look at the quality of our products and to prevent those corners. The foot pedal, general customers requirements? Carrying 75 pounds per square foot, actual testing, the safety factor of times 4 times. In first step, for example, the width of 320 mm, the commonly used length is 7 feet. Load demand is 249. After 4 times 8 kg, multiplied by the safety coefficient, random testing requirement is about 1 ton. Mobile platform with single and double width, single width is suitable for narrow place, double with more wide. Indoor decoration scaffolding cover an area of an area small. Mobile and convenient, the utility model relates to portable folding scaffold for indoor decoration construction, including the surface in the side of the ladder can be free to install the racks, folding respectively installed at the bottom of the ladder and brace activity wheels, with twenty percent of connecting rod connecting the lower part of the two, the wheel with activities that scaffolding can move freely at the same time, because of the ladder and brace tilt vertical cylindrical bearing load, and therefore can not occur on scaffolding instability phenomenon, improve the mobility and safety of the scaffold. Including its lower respectively installed wheels, the activities are connected fixed support frame and ladder, its characteristics is described in the ladder with beam connecting a pair of support, will be top of the brace rotating at the side of the ladder above the upper on the surface of the installation, in order to make the above mentioned in racks can be relatively free folding ladder, with twenty percent of connecting rod a connection at the bottom of the ladder and racks, can make the ladder and supporting frame into a tilted erect, and open the stable state. The mobile platform can move easily, the platform can be set up 2 - 40 meters, the building blocks can packaged surrounded the entire building. Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform can add straight climbed the ladder and inclined ladder, convenient staff from top to bottom.
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