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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform is a comprehensive new scaffolding to protect the safety of workers, the overall level USES mostly drawn tube assembly and become, without tedious installation steps, two workers can complete fleetly. There is no limit to the height, the application is more flexible, whether high engineering environment, or narrow geographical space, can easily cope with. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform is according to customer demand, free custom construction scheme. Platform system has multidirectional type design, can be easily set can meet the demand of engineering geometric building, whether it is a large span bridge structures, or cantilever type operation, can fully cope with. High strength aluminum alloy T6 - 6061, good anticorrosion, lighter, good flatness, without trachoma stomatal, operating in the process of building burr scratch the palm of your hand. Advanced round mouth welding process, to ensure the overall quality of structure safety. Aluminum alloy scaffolding parts easy to store management, mobile platform whole transportation is convenient, small footprint, long service life, good rust resistance, cooperate with scalable castor, able to adapt to the steps, slope and other uneven ground and complex environment such as mountain. Wall thickness greater than 2 mm, is a safe operation. Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform for single frame structures, there are 750 mm and 1350 mm wide two specifications, using maximum working mesa height of 12 meters, can be adjusted according to the 46 centimeters per level, with a variety of height adjustment function. Such as more than 12 meters high, need to take the club auxiliary rack or in accordance with the requirements to build more towers combination. Platform for each step of the maximum bearing capacity is 272 kg, top the working platform of maximum load of 200 kg / ㎡, the biggest capacity (tower Including its weight) Is 1000 kg. 2 m aluminum alloy scaffolding needed by the mobile platform components detail: four castor, laguan, six, four horizontal aluminum frame 1, four horizontal ladder one inside aluminum frame, aluminum fence 2, 1 open window pedal, wood skirting board 1, suspension pipe 2, 4 D. Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform applicable scope is widespread, mainly include: enterprises and institutions, including ( Aviation, electric power, fire control, construction, telecommunications, film and television, convention and exhibition, schools, cleaning, advertising, hotel market building, subway, railway) Maintenance and cleaning, installation and other projects.
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