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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile work platform is used for high altitude 42 m aerial work on the solution of the problem of tools and unlimited bridge span a new type of construction equipment, because of its rapid assembly process and obtain a impressive impression, thanks to the installation of mature technology. The most obvious advantage is divided into the following points: 1, easily assembled without tools, is easy to deal with light of a single component 2, fast, safe assembly due to the high bearing capacity, no loose parts and single tube aluminum 3, core components variable assembly way, rarely has the huge cost efficiency aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile work platform used in the industrial, commercial and residential construction, maintenance and cleaning, garden maintenance, home decoration and so on various aspects. Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile work platform has the characteristics of multi-functional, accordance with the requirements of different construction work, through a simple continuous support frame structure to adjust the height of the tower and pedals. Every detail of it after careful consideration, the number of individual components and less light weight to ensure the safety of the construction site for assembly. Assembly and disassembly work may be vertical or horizontal. For this kind of scaffold erection must be at least built by 2 people. Provide a parts, and the other parts installed, then you check with the whole erection process is correct. Security needs stability, while stability need to balance. If the scaffold is on a level surface, can increase the safety of personnel working on a scaffold.
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