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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding basic appearance, these is the aluminum alloy scaffolding pictures. Aluminum alloy scaffolding are similar appearance, actually can free combination. Is the price for aluminum alloy scaffolding and accessories related to the layer number, the higher layers, the price is high also, welcome to inquire the price at the scene of the construction workers do not take the scaffolding safety, heap of the place, for the convenience of their work, the template support, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe is fixed on the scaffold, or concentration of pile construction materials will cause the scaffolding to collapse. 。 To prevent collapse, should pay attention to: ( Construction site template operations, shall not support bar is fixed on the scaffolding or operating platform. ( 2) Derrick devices such as cable and wind cable cannot be installed on the scaffolding or operating platform. ( 3) The concrete or mortar pump pipeline should be separated, not fixed with scaffolding or operating platform. ( 4) Shall not be arbitrarily hoist equipment installed on the scaffold, to enhance the material objects. ( 5) Scaffolding and on the construction load should be in accordance with the requirements of design limit load board, anyone shall not be arbitrarily stacked items overload.
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