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Aluminum alloy scaffolding pipe wall thickness and the quality of the products is what relation? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Strictly speaking, there is a lot to do. Aluminum profile because itself is a kind of high strength material, the higher the required load, the greater the second is to better frame structure. The design and application of aluminum alloy scaffolding is in meet the under the premise of load and safety, as light as possible, which is also the most can reflect the production manufacturer is one of the key indicators of technical ability, but can not be used as an excuse to cut corners, our company after years of research, aluminum thickness in 2. 00 m the most reasonable. For example: 1 scaffolding products on the market. About 6 mm wall thickness, too thin, once item drops on aluminum alloy tube, can lead to deformation, uneven. Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding in fine mechanical structure design, test, according to the frame body, the high quality aluminum alloy thickness of 2. 00 m material design, the pursuit of most portable products to improve the efficiency of work or production. Advantages: - Easy handling and, besides can use a single set of independent, also can form large structures used for elevator, stairs, turf - such as construction site Aluminum alloy material is also more solid - intellectual man fit Vertical ladder frame, increase work space, reduce the build time - Platform according to need to build in different altitude location - aluminum frame Have many accessories to meet different engineering need aluminum alloy scaffolding belong to a relatively new type of building materials equipment, can be used as a kind of high altitude platform, build disassembly fast, safe and reliable, more relevant industry constantly recognized aluminum alloy scaffolding the new equipment.
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