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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Aluminum alloy scaffolding is aluminum scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding price is how much money a? Construction people high attention has long been a problem, about the cost of the whole project, especially in the use of large construction required quantity is bigger, in the process of use cases, longer if there is a aluminum alloy scaffolding price list will be more convenient! Aluminum alloy scaffolding types, each type of price and using range are different. Say first aluminum alloy sheet width ( 0. 75 m) And the double width ( 1. 35 meters) Two types of high under the condition of the former is cheaper than the latter, the reason is that single width is 0. 75 meters, and double the width is 1. 35 meters, the materials needed to increase directly influence its price. Take height is 3 m, for example, 0. 75 x2 meters long x3 meters wide, a set of unit price is 3500 - 4500; 1. 35 x2 meters long x3 meters wide, a set of unit price is 4000 - 5000 yuan between. 3 m height of most used in home decoration, mechanical maintenance, a supermarket warehouse, upper air clean and so on. When the height reach more than 10 meters, single and double wide price is in 10000 yuan of above. Then tell me something about the portable quick-filling aluminum frame and pan button before the price difference between both. Unit price above have detail of the former, the latter was to calculate the number of meters, button type using the longer the length of the diagonal accessories price is higher, the use of the number of the less. With 3 meters height and the size of the diagonal of disk button to 2. Cheap, total amount of the 4 m reason is 3 meters less use of accessories, artificial shorter time, speed up. Dish buckle stents have aluminum and galvanized two kinds of material, aluminum will be relatively higher. Some scaffolding price list in tonnage to calculate, how much is 1 ton, 10 tons of much money. Straight is suitable for high altitude climbing and maintenance work of scaffold models, both the maintenance platform, high quality, high strength and meet strict safety standards, and can adapt to the requirements of different places. Add on own straight up function of inclined ladder is for the sake of convenience in operation at the same time bring some tools, oblique climbing price although slightly higher than that of straight up, but also save a lot of time. Scaffold price list will also include the lease price, of course, such as aluminum alloy mobile operation platform, the lease has long been favored by the majority of construction, the use frequency is not high, cross-regional projects across the region, the scaffold rental site near natural became the preferred. Out the transportation cost and only need to pay when using long rents. Is usually rent a month, 2 meters double wide platform frame rent is about 200 yuan a day. After the above explanation, I believe that everybody on the price of aluminum alloy scaffolding have a probably understanding, however, have difference between wholesale and retail, the price of aluminum floating has some influence on the scaffold. Detailed need consulting clearly before you buy, choose suitable is the best.
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