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Aluminum alloy scaffolding rental to choose which good - 2020 Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Aluminum alloy scaffolding rental to choose which good, this is a to be said on both shiva said shiva. Must be sure of is the quality and size of scaffolding must comply with safety regulations, aluminium is T6 - 6061 material, 2 mm thickness, width of 0. More than 75 meters; Can independently narrow space; Pedal of bearing of every square metre is in 200 kg; For limb workers surrounding rails used as protection; More than 2 m job have strong seat belt hanging instruction; A single caster wheel accessories not less than 450 kg; 6 meters with multiple working platform of the lessor's very good. Aluminum alloy scaffolding leasing choice of the ascent of manufacturer production equipment - Aluminum frame, if equipped with professional construction team, there are 2 - Set-up, 40 meters of all kinds of engineering production process in strict accordance with the European EN - 1004 standards, plant size, equipment, product quality strictly, the spot is enough, is the industry leading level of the overall is good. Factory production of various styles for the user to carry on the multiple choice, you need to include straight ladder kuo, straight narrow distillation, oblique ladder kuo, narrow ladder frame, double wide aluminum frame, aluminum frame per unit width, fold straight ladder, dish buckle stents, scaffolding and scaffolding moves quickly. Above styles can meet high maintenance, building decoration, stage, high place such as cleaning, high maintenance work need; The work in the ground, sand, stairs, etc. 2020 aluminum alloy scaffolding for rent a good price? Taking guangdong province as an example, the manufacturer mainly concentrated in dongguan and yangjiang, good price is handled a few middlemen often can be a lot cheaper. Manufacturers most to undertake large quantities of rent, only scattered single rental near the on-site general accounting is more favorable price.
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