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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding provides a convenient work platform can reach several meters high. Scaffolding is necessary, because even if you use a high ladder, the ladder is unable to provide the same stability. In over 40 layer of high-rise building, the ladder is not very useful! Only use scaffolding, you can safely reach the height. On the scaffolding, you will have a large platform, can be used in the construction/cleaning/decoration work space. The platform will need to be surrounded by a fence, in order to improve safety. Aluminum alloy scaffolding height range from 075 x 2. 00 x 2 to 40 m. According to the customer's requirements. Used for many different applications, from large commercial to small home decoration. An essential part of the scaffolding including the 'T' shape, stabilizer and square wooden platform. All these by advanced aluminum, to ensure the safety and durability. Easy to assemble and shock. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is a safe, comfortable mobile tower, can be in heavy, often use under heavy load. 1350 mm X 2000 mm platform with large trap door. Safety of the surface of the stand, and personnel, materials, tools and frameworks of wide space, even when you are in huge loads is easy to access. Platform and ladder access to the stairs with a 100 mm deep anti-skid tread surface and into the platform. The armrest of external continuous and stable. Toe board to insure the safety and comfort of the special tool stabilizer, joint T6 - with four side Special alloy material 6061. Die casting and gravity casting slip 6 inch wheels, pedal locks.
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