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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
1 according to the height of the building and the shape of the scaffold structure, choose aluminum alloy scaffolding the height and shape of the structure, determination of scaffolding set form. 2 tools should be used before the installation, aluminum tube, fastener, base, should check box plate and the other parts, aluminum tube should be buttoned, bolts and other completely intact. Set-up or 3 non-professional personnel shall not dismantle scaffold. 4 should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the entrusted units contact make, without the permission of the original scaffold unit, when installing a new scaffold, do not connect with the original scaffold, build. 6 to meet the requirements of specification aluminum frame, must first by 15 m high above the shelves and the design of the special hanger design. Aluminum alloy scaffolding for construction project shall be detailed construction instructions 7 generally scaffolding must be accepted by the user, the user must hold a book in the visa form, and should be listed eight scaffold should be checked regularly, especially in the strong wind, heavy rains and thawing period, to the scaffold has been suspended for a long time of the inspection should be resumed by the personnel safety supervision department in check before use, and in accordance with the provisions of dismantling scaffolding and high risk big independent scaffolding, and then you can use in accordance with the relevant provisions. 8 aluminum alloy scaffolding, detailed construction safety technical measures, approved by the relevant departments of the audit, without approval shall not be arbitrarily remove the damage. 9 units or individuals that have an accident, shall be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the project, the damaged units shall bear all responsibilities, including economic responsibility, 10 units shall set up the scaffolding status flag, such as is used, want to demolish, requires to be rebuilt, and so on. 11 using unit shall transfer with erection of unit, and fill out the 'scaffolding transfer form'. Found the problem, by all corrective rear can use scaffolding set unit.
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