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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Flow type aluminum frame aluminum alloy scaffolding in Hong Kong is a very commonly used construction equipment. Contractors in some of the new construction, repair and maintenance engineering, etc. , will build flow aluminum frame, in order to provide a safe import and export and workbench, enable employees to safe aerial work. This course aims to explain how to safely use liquid aluminum frame, the basic design concept and to ensure the stability of the method, and let students practice how to adopt safe working methods and measures to build, disassembly and inspection flow aluminum frame. 本课程是专为从事物业管理,建筑及维而设修保养等人士。 课程内容:1。 Via related flow aluminum frame of laws and 'metallic frame work safety regulations' 2. 基本设计概念,部署及很好3。 金属棚架的种类及组合4。 The metallic frame component, the understanding of design and assembly instruction plan 5. Stability of liquid aluminum flux plane, correct installation and removal, and check the program 6. 流动式铝质通各架之安全使用及特应用情况7。 Flow type aluminum flux 8 installation, removal and check of internship. 个方案研讨授科期( 小点) :共21小点须上科讲师:专业人士或职安局顾问授课语言:广州话辅以中文讲座入学条件:1。 At least have the civil or structural engineering senior certificate or equivalent, students also must have the ability to read and write Chinese; And related working experience; Or 2. At least have higher certificate related to the construction industry or equivalent ( Such as house building, building equipment, preventive measurement and department of mechanical engineering, etc) Students also must have the ability to read and write Chinese; And related work experience ( 报名字时需附上有关证书之副书) Note: students must wear safety shoes, or may be refused to a class. ◎学成员如出席率达百分百之一,通过实习评核及考试合格,可捕捞颁发证书。 ◎学成员如出席率未达要求,则不捕捞准备考试。 ◎学成员如于任什么半天课堂缺课迟到或早退逾半小点,则该课节作缺席论。
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