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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding, whether the specification directly affect the safety of the stent bearing and homework personnel, indirect relationship between the construction schedule and construction cost, the two key problems in the process of the erection, aluminum alloy scaffolding, how much do you know specification? Set-up which style first: no matter what type of scaffolding, including aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffold, gantry scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, steel pipe scaffold, build-up of material and construction methods must comply with safety regulations, absolutely can not use unqualified material erection of scaffolding, prevent accidents. Second: aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold must be according to the erection of scaffolding safety rules, when the height of more than 10 m high scaffolding, must want to have a detailed erection scheme, the examination and approval by professional and technical personnel, have a written safety technical disclosure, can build. Erection of standard precautions: complete aluminum alloy scaffolding pedal open window is reserved for construction personnel homework, do not pile up on the window material. The scaffold all levels must be covered with pedals, don't be left blank mouth to prevent trample empty fall. Upper layer construction installation skirting board, function has two, one is to prevent the step empty, 2 it is to block material fall. Type D mouth or castor once found cracking situation, change immediately. More than 15 m homework will be equipped with adjustable retention rope, buffer safety rope, multi-function safety belt, an outer layer safety net and falling prevention device, etc. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, shape: when the scaffolding for the operation of a bridge, can be connected into two lines, a horizontal plane; When used in similar to Hong Kong Ocean Park operations, can be installed into irregular shape; When used for crown macau, can from a cantilever style. Rocket type, corridor type, single, double wide, wide hang floating type, etc. , in short, the diversity of the aluminum alloy scaffolding and flexible performance and give full play to the role in various occasions. Set-up time and cost: for 18 meters high wall of the aluminum alloy by tower? Fast set-up time is less than 3 hours, and only need technical staff guidance, skilled operators full completion. Compared with steel pipe scaffold, artificial cost is low, low time cost. Aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up steps: how to 1. Install the adjustable casters. 2. Hold the framework to prevent dumping rail installation. 3. Install the diagonal. Note: both sides want to install. 4. Install window pedal. 5. By analogy, erection of the second, third floor. 6. Install the brace. 7. Install guardrail.
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