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Aluminum alloy scaffolding, standards and specifications, the four standards - understanding Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
With the constant progress of science and technology, all kinds of new materials, technology, application, aluminum alloy scaffolding is a successful case specification, so friends know what aluminum alloy scaffolding, standard? Please together with Dr Ladder of small make up down and have a look. 1, scaffolding height ratio Indoor indoors, the maximum height of the width of platform 3. Five times, such as the width of the platform is 1. 35 meters, the height can not higher than 4. 7 meters. Scaffolding, scaffolding components should be used for ascension strength and reliable materials, such as a dedicated lifting bracket, rope, etc. , and the use of seat belts; According to the specification, in take the non-standard or large scaffolding to use outside support or weight; In use at the bottom of the counterweight to prevent large scaffolding tilting. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, standard 2, scaffolding height ratio - Outdoor outside when there is no wind, no wind is 3 times of the width of the platform height is the largest, such as the width of the platform is 1. 35 meters, the height can not higher than 4. 1 meter. Note: outdoor scaffolding must strictly limit its height, not 3 times of the width of the above. 3, outside support device standard indoors, the workbench of height to width of 3. Five times, such as device ST1 standards support, its width is increased to 3. 47 meters, so its high maximum increase to 12. 15 meters. Outside, the height of the table is three times the width of the device ST2 big outside support, for example, its width up to 5. Height 83 meters, so the biggest can increase to 17. 5 meters. Alert to outdoor wind, wind. Wind speed more than 7. 9 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 4) Scaffolding to stop when homework; Wind speed more than 13. 8 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 6) Rigid connection, the scaffolding in other solid structure of objects; More than 18 m/s (if possible Wind power is greater than 8) , you should remove the scaffolding in advance. Pay attention to building may cause a whirlwind. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, standard 4, external factors standard biggest influence factor: transverse force, wind, and the power works; The ground: obstacles; The effect of external force. When the construction personnel to use electric drill construction tools such as drill hole in the wall, the pressure will produce the opposite reaction. So the scaffold to reduce its use highly accordingly. Please pay attention to during the construction of the ground condition, the first thing to check the ground and each related position: the ground must be flat, no ladder ( Except special requirement) , no gap, clean up all trash, high attention to the danger of ground, the height of the ceiling beams, hanging objects, wire, etc. Above is about aluminum alloy scaffolding, standard, four standard knowledge related to share, friends must according to the aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up standards to build, if you also want to know more information, welcome by Dr Ladder to understand oh.
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