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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding method aluminum scaffolding share in today's construction industry more and more big, the reason lies in its various advantages of approval from the safety department vigorously promoted. Due to the scaffolding frequent accidents in recent years, there is a big security hidden danger, the market is an urgent need to safer more professional scaffolding. For example KeQiao hoau heaven village of a shop when installing outdoor billboards, workers use steel tube scaffold accidentally electrocuted. Dr Ladder before the workers use of any product must go through strict security training, they were faced with the construction above, belongs to the construction environment of charged operation, the first is to wear insulated gloves and safety rope, prevent to get an electric shock accidents and fall accidents. If tower near the power cord should be removed after construction, or choose insulation scaffold. Aluminum alloy scaffolding if need to change the original structure in the construction, heightening ( Wide) Conditions, must be verified by technology department, and the examination and approval and before the formal use the scaffold must first detailed construction plan, customized solutions need to conform to the erection of norms. Construction workers in the process of use shall not alter or remove accessories, including guardrail, body, laguan, pedals, skirting board, card buckle, brace and castor any one of them. In a thunderstorm weather, when using height more than 6 m open-air homework need to install the lightning protection facilities in a timely manner. Aluminum alloy frame structures, when many workers do not pay attention to build method, the irregularities. Such as structures, when more than 2 meters, the workers don't wear your seat belt, aluminum frame, from the side and below are the wrong way. From aluminum alloy scaffolding, up and down inside the pedal plate area can be blank. It is a good scaffold, also is the need to use after training, to use the standard operation for building or use. Unit width of aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding, double wide scaffold, mobile scaffold, folding scaffold, multi-function scaffold construction speed is more than twice of ordinary button scaffolding, successfully resolved the long time, low efficiency, high transport problems, homework problems. The scaffolding for a project can be completed smoothly is very important, because it has a stable about the workers' life safety.
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