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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
The bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy scaffolding: because axis of poling connection is the same socket. It has reliable bending, shear and torsion resistance performance. And axis to the bar a little bit, node within the frame plane, therefore, the structure is stable and reliable, large bearing capacity. The whole frame to improve bearing capacity, about 15% higher than that of the same circumstance of fastener type steel pipe scaffold above, considering the bowl spiral friction force and the gravity. Aluminum alloy scaffolding safety and reliability, the design of the connecting rod and bolt can make connecting rod has reliable self-locking ability. Load acting on the bar by bend and diagonal member even passed to stud, all poling reasonable share the load. Pedals are equipped with a hook at the same time, the door gym, bar accessories, such as adjustable base use safe and reliable.
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