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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
According to the requirements of the high altitude work regulations of 2005, the aluminum alloy scaffolding assemble into a recognized standard, such as used for pipe and installation of scaffolding NASC TG20 technology guide or similar guide system scaffolding manufacturer, to ensure that its installation, use and have enough strength to remove, stiffness and stability. In the beginning of the planning process, the user should provide relevant information to aluminum alloy scaffolding contractor, to ensure accurate, appropriate design process. Typically, this information should include: 1. 2 location coordinates. Scaffolding need to place 3 time. May the use of the height and length, and may affect any key size 4 scaffolding. A up to exert the maximum working load of the maximum number 5 and the use of aluminum alloy scaffolding. Whether you need cloth, web or brick wall panel 6. Any specific requirements or regulations, such as the pavement and the limitation on the tie location, mechanical handling equipment ( Including hoist) Including/set) The ground condition, or the nature of the support structure 7. In the scaffold structures/set up the information and any related dimensions and drawings of 8. Any may affect installation, change or remove restrictions in the process of 9. Before installing, scaffolding contractor or scaffold designers can provide relevant information about the scaffold.
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