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Aluminum alloy scaffolding why so much the work high above the company choose? - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding already occupy the heart of a construction company, we often can see in the street, the road at the time of construction, will see some relatively large white scaffolding, the tengda security scaffold is made of aluminum alloy material space structure of the scaffold, so white color. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, of course, can be the wide use of so many people, so also have certain advantages, some wall height is too high, high ceiling, you need to aluminum alloy scaffolding, we need to rely on the aluminum alloy scaffolding. Brush with general scaffolding can't move, a ceiling, for dozens of trips to move up and down the scaffold for the location of the ceiling, and aluminum alloy scaffolding come with brake wheel, need to move, let the person help me push the below, in tramping brake wheel, and the pedal position is enough big, can put some material such as cement, putty powder in the door, don't have to pull the material down. In addition to the mobile advantage, superposition of aluminum alloy scaffolding can also be combined, because the aluminum alloy scaffolding is detachable, by adding aluminum tube combination can be stacked high, May 2 - 40 meters, this is not a general scaffold can be done. There are a lot of hollow hotel, you need the scaffolding to enough. The aluminum alloy scaffolding assemble it is big, but tear down, take a place small, it is very convenient to save, when necessary, take out the assembly again, convenient transportation and light weight. Other steel pipe scaffold is can't do that. Aluminum alloy scaffold has become the current heavy usage and application widely in our country a scaffolding, scaffolding used about 70% of the total, in a long time in the future, the scaffolding will still dominate. Can meet the needs of the development of high and low layer construction. Whether decorate houses or buildings aerial work competence. Tengda security science and technology have been engaged in aluminum alloy scaffolding more than 10 years, case experience, free plan figure, welcome to come to consult understand price of aluminum alloy scaffolding.
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