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Aluminum alloy stage: How should we decorate the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-29
If the aluminum alloy stage is beautifully decorated, it will be extraordinarily novel and elegant. If the decoration is simple, it will be low-key and indifferent. If the aluminum alloy stage decoration is not upscale, then such a performance event will have almost no meaning. Let me talk about how to decorate the aluminum alloy stage in combination with my actual experience 1. Ladder stage. The stage is made into a ladder stage, for example, the front is 60CM high, and the back is 80CM high. 2. T-shaped stage. If it is used for indoor model performance, it is built as a T-shaped model stage, the back part is horizontal, and the front part is vertical. 3. Glass + LED stage. If you use tempered glass on the top of the pull-net stage, and put LED lights on the stage brackets, the effect is very beautiful, commonly known as the Avenue of Stars, and now the CCTV ’s Happy China column is the form of glass stage. 4. Cold fireworks. Putting cold fireworks around the stage will be more colorful with the actors' stage activities. 5. Moving head light. Decorating the moving head lights on the stage, and using the moving head lights to create a light pattern on the background board is also very beautiful. 6. Smoke. Smoke is a prop frequently used on the performance stage and can create a hazy effect. 7. Bubbles. Bubbles are also a kind of props often used in the performance stage. Bubbles can create a very romantic effect. 8. Flowers. Decorating flowers on the stage can increase the festive color of the stage, and can also decorate decorations such as colorful balloons and ribbons around the stage.
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