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Aluminum alloy stage: On the principles of building

by:Shizhan     2020-05-30
Aluminum alloy stage has the characteristics of light weight, high toughness and high strength, so it has become one of the stage equipment in most celebrations and performances. But we want to ensure the smooth progress in various performing arts activities, not only need to use high-quality and durable aluminum alloy stage, but also need to master several principles during the construction process. So, what are the principles for building an aluminum alloy stage? Below, the editor will take you to understand it! 1. The height of the stage should be suitable In the process of building an aluminum alloy stage, the overall height of its construction is very important, and the principle of mastering the height should have a direct relationship with the scene props according to the occasion used by the stage. In general, if we are using indoor stage, we need to fully consider the height of the building to build a shorter stage, because if we build too high, it will give everyone a sense of oppression, which is not suitable for entertainment. Sex. But for events held outdoors, we can build a relatively high aluminum alloy stage, because the width of the venue can visually reduce the height of our stage, so it will be very imposing if it is too short. 2. The stage carries important calculations Although the high-quality aluminum alloy stage can bear a large weight, we must calculate the scenes, lighting racks, etc. that need to be assembled and on the stage in order to ensure the stability of the stage and the safety of the crew. The above facilities, especially the weight of props and personnel that can withstand on the stage, and finally use the appropriate number of brackets according to this weight to ensure everyone's safety. 3. The stage shape should be beautiful There are many celebrations and artistic performances that have some styling requirements on the stage, so when we build an aluminum alloy stage, we must not only meet the needs of the event, but also need to maintain the overall appearance of the stage, and also add Some appropriate decorations, so that we can better describe the atmosphere of our event.
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