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by:Shizhan     2020-06-17
Aluminum alloy steel truss girder can be repeated exercise, its durability besides and the quality of the factory with a direct link between Beijing website construction, daily maintenance work is also very nervous, aluminum alloy steel truss girder maintain less complex, but some details need particularly careful, important from the following two hands: one, to wipe clean. Due to the equipment you have a layer of cherish membrane, in order to avoid damage cherish membrane, cleaning tools can choose soft cloth, clean power, clean frequency cannot be too high. Second, anti-corrosion. Aluminum alloy steel truss girder equipment are metal or aluminum alloy material, so need to spray wax appearance or protective paint, extend equipment life. Now all kinds of large-scale exhibitions, business clipping when sports are in need to use to build the movement of the steel truss, many people believe that the assembled steel truss without television, opera and other fixed steel truss is firm, actually otherwise, because today's assembled steel truss are used mostly aluminium alloy steel truss girder, its solid, solid as fixed steel truss, has a high security. In addition, aluminum alloy steel truss girder structures, compared with the fixed steel truss, steel truss has its unique the upper hand: first of all, convenient disassembly, save a space. All kinds of commercial sports or when there are performances of the demand, the exhibition can create space structures, steel truss, the movement after the end of steel truss can be removed, do not take a place. Second, the compressive and reusable. Aluminum alloy steel truss girder used aluminum alloy material, such as compressive performance is good, can withstand the actor, the weight of the steel truss can be secondary to exercise after disassembly.
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