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Aluminum alloy truss manufacturers: how to judge

by:Shizhan     2020-05-29
Aluminum alloy truss manufacturer is an excellent truss factory specializing in the production of truss and aluminum alloy truss. The aluminum alloy truss produced by the truss manufacturer has complete specifications and guaranteed quality. The quality of the truss directly affects the success of the performance or exhibition Good quality truss is very important. Aluminum alloy truss manufacturers will introduce the quality of the truss to you from the following three aspects: First: The high-quality truss has fine welding, precise size, and welder's rules. There will never be any misalignment of screw holes or misalignment of truss and accessories. Inferior truss will show the phenomenon of rough welding, irregular shape, and unattractive appearance. Second: The high-quality truss will be treated with acid, and the surface will be bright silver and shiny. The inferior truss has not been treated with acid, the surface will appear dull and dull, and the phenomenon is grayish. Third: Both ends of the high-quality truss will be polished by a grinder to ensure that the two ends of the truss are flat, and the poor quality truss will not be polished after welding, and there will be unevenness. The above is the aluminum alloy truss manufacturer to introduce how to judge the quality of the truss for everyone. I hope to help everyone. Inferior truss will cause performance accidents. Therefore, the quality of the truss should attract our attention. Therefore, we must choose It is very important to purchase high-quality, efficient and safe truss.
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