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by:Shizhan     2020-06-18
Aluminum alloy truss and truss and truss frame. Usually by 6061 T6 aluminum after cutting, machining, welding, polishing, painting and other processing of a kind of widely used in the performance exhibition, celebration activities, background, lighting sound hanging system, etc. Can according to the site, built by all kinds of medium, different specifications of the truss system, and can be flexible combination according to the specific requirements. Quality of portable, easy to build and transport, large span can reach more than 30 meters, aluminum compression and strong ability of anti-corrosion and durable. According to the shape can be divided into four sides ( Angle) Frame, a tripod and abnormity. According to the installation category can be divided into bolt screw truss and truss. 1. Light quality than the traditional iron truss light weight by half, to set up and many cost and energy's ministry. 2. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability compared with iron trusses, aluminum alloy 6061 - truss is adopted T6 aluminum alloy, itself has excellent anti-corrosion performance and service life of more than 10 years. 3. Excellent general average bearing compressive capacity of aluminum alloy truss can reach more than 600 kg. Meet all kinds of performances, such as music hanging large audio equipment needs. Aluminum alloy truss mainly consists of the following points: - 6061 T6 type, 3 mm thick round aluminum, 10 mm thick triangular aluminum plate and end ring plate ( Bolt truss also contains bolt joint) : a complete set of aluminum alloy truss system is mainly composed of a variety of different lengths, different specifications of the aluminum alloy truss, base, the head and inclined support, square, cross arm, bottle gourd, condole belt. To build combinations.
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