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by:Shizhan     2020-06-19
Stage of aluminum alloy truss firm, has always been to truss 'aristocratic', often hold outdoor activities will know, is not only a good truss can withstand the test of quality, its advantage is a comprehensive, multi-level, omni-directional, both commercial exhibition activities, and the activity of municipal units, security has always been one of the most serious problems is emphasized, at this point, it is safe for people to provide a recessive guarantee. Stage equipment, aluminum alloy material is more 'light', is time-consuming to logistics handling, transportation, installation, to solve the difficulties, the material of the use of modern technology processing to solving the buyers this pain points, it is better than the traditional iron stage light weight by half, also save resources; 6061 - commonly used truss T6 aluminum alloy, this kind of material corrosion resistance is strong, so the aluminum alloy truss and its reputation as the 'goddess' without makeup truss, surface rust stains, metal structure is not easy to break, durable. It is to bear, above average loading capacity is larger than 600 kg, satisfies the requirement of performance in a variety of large audio equipment hanging.
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