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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy ultra-high scaffold, which is a kind of construction equipment tools, not only can be used indoor and outdoor use, more can be used as one of the important tools of construction equipment. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, by a single lever of aluminum tube, there is no limit to the height, more flexible than portal scaffolding, applicable to any height, any site, any complicated engineering environment. Aluminum alloy ultra-high scaffold height can be adjusted according to the site or building, choose to set up suitable height. Cantilever type high aluminum alloy scaffolding, for example, is a kind of attached to the building of the structure of the scaffold, building height of up to 24 m. And can change along with the height of the building, to remove the heavy, convenient and safe. Shenzhen tengda high aluminum alloy scaffolding a very cost-effective scaffolding, recycling, convenient assembly and disassembly, saving a lot of time cost and artificial cost. Scaffold height coefficient, the higher the risk for movable scaffolding, several times is danger coefficient. In general, more than 12 meters height above the portable aluminum alloy scaffolding already has the very big risk. So exactly how to avoid and prevent more highly scaffolding safety hazards and risks? Tengda aluminum alloy ultra-high scaffolding in strict accordance with the eu EN1004 standard, design and production, and the load bearing test is based on the security requirements of more than 3 times. Products are through strict frame body fine mechanical structure design and test of engineering construction, aerial work of choice.
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