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Aluminum bleach selection
Purchasing a new aluminum bleach can be a challenge because it is a project with a huge budget and there are many professional options. But don’t worry – we are here to help you! Our experienced sales team has helped hundreds of schools and organizations make the best bleach investment, and you will find that we have no answers. Whether you need to watch football in the stadium or even in the entire facility, portable sports, we will help you figure out the functions required by the stands. If your school or organization needs any customization options, such as custom seats and colors, press room, or ADA-compliant aisles or other special exit structures. Another important aspect of buying bleach is the number of seats. Will you accommodate 50 spectators or 500 spectators? Considering all these factors will help you choose the best option for the crowd. The standard non-overhead bleaching machine is on the ground, divided into 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 10 rows and 15 rows. These popular bleaches are our standard models. The elevated bleach seat starts at 2 ft 8 on the ground to provide better viewing capabilities. For safety, they are equipped with stairs, ramps and guardrails. They are made of anodized aluminum, so they can withstand changes in weather conditions over many years. Movable bleach can be towed around the facility or venue to adapt to different venues. They use special transportation tools that we provide separately. Hung on a trailer usually use a lawn mower, tractor or truck to move them. Portable bleach is only designed for transportation in a single area or facility. They are not suitable for long-distance transportation on open roads or highways. All bleaching agents are designed in accordance with IBC 2014 and ICC 300 building codes. Welded Aluminum-Welded aluminum angles are the most common shape used for bleaching underlayer structures. These aluminum corner pieces are welded together to form an L-shaped welded aluminum lower structure. Aluminum tube-The next option for bleach under the structure is the square aluminum tube structure. Essentially, it is made by welding two pieces of L-shaped aluminum together, so that the box-shaped structure has higher strength and rigidity. Galvanized Steel-The option under this structure is made of galvanized steel and hot-dipped in a zinc-rich galvanizing process. This chemical process gives the metal higher strength and corrosion resistance. The typical service life of galvanized steel products is more than 20 years. Even so, it can be repaired by welding. Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd is proud to be a reliable supplier of high-quality bleacher. With our professional product knowledge and commitment to excellent customer service, we can help you choose the product that suits your needs at any time. If you have any needs, please contact us. Tag: High-quality Aluminum bleach supplier, Aluminum bleach choice
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Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch has been recognized for decades as a industry leader in the development of sport bleacher. The light stage series has become a hot product of Shizhan Group. Being flexible in design, this product is able to meet all kinds of space demand for large exhibitions, festivals, event activities, sports, and logistics warehousing. It is granted with CE and SGS certification. Shizhan Group has a high-tech professional team integrating with front of stage barrier to keep our technology ahead on crowd control barrier field. Due to its modular design, this product is portable and easy to set up.
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