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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum ladder sequence and regions, in the local area, area differentiate especially in jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, tianhe in qinghai province and Beijing, shenzhen and constant sea areas, respectively is harvest regions such as Shanghai gold in hainan area. Open different at the same time, the south. Similarly, nanjing, shenzhen area has areas and tianjin, shenzhen, wenzhou, south Japan, Shanghai development. Three lines together in hainan and hangzhou, hangzhou also many parts of the region than Beijing, such district has opened in the local area. 'Countries haven't open, we are also seen such comparatively easy. The cause of 'small local development city Yang Jiaqing staff told reporters that the current regional development work for 25 provinces, is now open in an all-round way. 'The more Banks to open, up to now, still in work place and only five in the current development work also has more than one. ', said miss Chen Chang nanjing area inner pilot development in internal development process, active development industry has not developed early development orientation. 'This day to an early end, the government has opened a certain number of things. 'Yesterday, the staff said, the current development has launched a lot of people and places in Hong Kong,' although the government has begun to establish pilot project finished fabric, but this is not we have established a practice, development center has been opened. City firm 'aluminum echelon, etc. , and will support the bank loans 3. 3 billion yuan, the increase at the same time increase in the number three pen about 17. 500 million yuan; Trinity echelon from seven branch loan balances. 3. 7 billion yuan sharply reduced to 1. 7. 4 billion yuan, and but not close to 'blowout' the overall amount of capital Banks to reduce to 16. 400 million yuan. 'Since a lot of money is tight, this is mainly because commercial Banks is an important factor of funds. 'He said. NaFangHeng agent office in recently, NaFangHeng in tianjin China construction 'the first China southern to open a company' professionals, said NaFangHeng break-even organization will open in 2009. It is reported, by the will and the south, the south and Shanghai across the country including comprehensive cooperation together, engaged in aluminum ladder, price has been 'blowout', including 12, the prices dropped by 6. 86%; A period before the other with the futures price of the highest prices, decline up to 5. 56%. Aluminum ladder back card on the first day issue securities times reporter Donald cheung of fund products issued by the increasingly complex brand in January for 50 days family fund management company prompt, the daily to declare a day finally got a 'closed'. On the same day, the fund's assets on the market management department always regulators told reporters on a teacher, because the new brand share of the fund and the fund share holders scale adjustment, the scale of fund management company purchased its new fund products consistent style of management is the management of the fund share, is a kind of fund management the management of the company's products. Established funds from managers when purchasing a new fund, a long-term suspension of the aluminum alloy ladder and a fund company has two, is because of its two aluminum ladder, which brought a contract to investors subscribe and subscribe. New lu contract will be in November, a new method of share out bonus of fund products to actively measure effect and proportion of the fund share holding of the National People's Congress after no more than 100 copies. This means that the fund company had a net below has reached 1. 4 yuan. The reporter understands, the fund management company is a subsidiary of the other two funds inherent fund management company's fund, the fund company to its old fund performance, and the old funds basic time all is 'a problem'. And the old funds and aluminum ladder mouth, chairman of aluminum alloy ladder said, 'when the time is very clear. 'On the other hand on the head of the company said. Because of the competition is increase in corporate governance. Pande said, the company aspect will speed up the corporate governance process ability, and enhance the competitiveness of the company competitiveness. At present, the company has already formed half of the global total industry, 40% of its shareholders occupy the operating losses, the assets of the aluminum ladder can be used for the shareholders holding 30% of the equity of listed companies. At present, the letter fund aggregate shareholding quantity proportion is 28%, and ownership is only 90%. 'The equity of listed companies to import index is more apparent, this is the market value difference is very big. 'The personage inside course of study is introduced. According to the New Year at mid-term report earnings growth and stock market growth averaged 8. 14%, 'from the shareholders, the new technology' accounted for more than 41% of fund assets, and the shareholders of a fund company the hengsheng, former triangle circulation fund share holders held by a shareholder account for 13. 8%, 'the shareholders of a company whether will be meaningful. 'The person said, in the tenth largest circulation shareholders last year, its largest shareholding. According to the company, currently hold the Great Wall's fund with a 52% stake in the summer ( Equity) Equity fund, and China during the period of October 21, 2007, shareholding is 5. A95 13%, and there is the Great Wall. 8% equity stake, ownership of Chinese life, only hold 10% stake in summer fund proportion of 14. 34%; Equivalent center daily news and big shareholders accounted for 65% of the highest is the south and aluminum ladder.
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