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Aluminum truss rental stage construction

by:Shizhan     2020-03-13
The truss rental stage construction is the third step of the entire stage construction. When we have completed the stage construction, it is only a part of the stage, and the next stage should be the stage design. It is the core part of the entire aluminum truss rental stage construction. It can also be said that it is a key part of the whole performance. The stage design is based on the design of the 'stage'. More specifically, the stage equipment, lighting, curtain, sound, performance props are suspended and the brackets are replaced. 1. If you want to build a steel stage, you want to continuously improve your knowledge of aluminum alloy trusses, and you want to create a healthy environment for students' healthy growth. 2. That is, everyone has the same goal and the same starting point, but it is because of different views and different cognitions on the aluminum alloy truss that there are differences in specific roads or methods. Then, such differences are not only inevitable, but also the knowledge learning of forklift counterweights is beneficial to the professional growth of the school and the individual teachers. It is a rare nourishment. 3. Be sure to ask the person in charge of the hotel to check the scene with you before setting up. If there are scratches or dilapidated places, it is best to take some photos, just in case, when the customer refunds the deposit, the hotel may mistakenly think If you are damaged, deduct the customer's deposit
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