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Aluminum tube scaffold will replace the steel pipe scaffold - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization construction scaffolding demand is bigger and bigger. The country also introduced some measures to encourage the development of aluminum tube scaffolding industry. Focuses on the construction engineering of the development of the aluminum tube scaffold. And used in building construction scaffolding, it needed to breed diversity, selection of range is wide. Scaffolding manufacturer but also speed up the restructuring, therefore, to establish the steel pipe scaffold into aluminum tube scaffold in the market dominant position. Steel pipe scaffold structure exists because of the different degree of bar set up and the node and connection structure is not strict, Can not meet the normal engineering steel structure demand) , support conditions ( Base, floor, the ground) And installation quality, Structure size and vertical and horizontal deviation) Difficult to control, pole ( Structure) Parts easy to deformation, corrosion, wear, contamination and build-up, use more casual and outdoor use, such as the bad working conditions, such as to make it shall increase the safety of the design. Scaffolding is built in the construction project, the main safety protection, operation and the function of the bearing. Installation shall be in strict accordance with the provisions, and the corresponding calculation and checking, to ensure construction safety. In view of the widely used bar fastener steel pipe scaffold, should understand and grasp the basic procedures of the construction and calculation, in order to ensure construction requirements are met. But years of safety work found fastener type steel pipe scaffold in the erection, construction and design calculation, there are more problems, one is that the erection is not standard, the second is the design concept is not clear, load in a diagram, calculation is wrong and related problems, coping strategy, perfunctory phenomenon is more, often happen scaffolding integrity is poor, the bearing capacity is insufficient cause inclination deformation or the whole collapse, therefore, should be attached in the construction. At present, aluminum tube scaffold has changed the steel pipe scaffold of many faults. Aluminum tube scaffold will be the mainstream of the future. Tear open outfit is convenient, the transportation is convenient. Aluminum tube scaffold is commonly used in civil construction scaffolding. It often have the effect of maintenance, to provide and support, the safety of the construction plays a key role. Also is the important content of construction safety inspection.
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