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An electric overhead line safety scaffolding safety operation main points - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Safety protection electric overhead line 1, the scaffold should use fir, peeled larch as a member, such as decay, fracture, easy to fold the wooden poles and conductive material such as dry section shall not be used. Safety protection electric overhead line 2, the scaffold should be higher than that of overhead lines 1. 5m。 3, stud should be dug pits, depth of not less than 500 mm, in case of the soft soil, should be a sweeping the floor. Stud must be 2 ~ 3 people cooperate with operation. 4, longitudinal bar should be positioned side in a vertical bar, the first step in erection of longitudinal bar, must check whether stud stand at attention, connected to the 4 steps, must build temporary tide and temporary scissors. Erection of longitudinal rod, it must be 2 ~ 3 people cooperate operation, 1 by the middle rod, flat, from big to small head binding sequence. 5, bracing pole not bouncing bind, should be on the stud, bracing rod should choose thick pile under Chinese fir from larger, again looking for a good Angle, by below personnel staff by the above tie in turn. Bracing pile ( Cap) Rafters should be on the up side, with stud bound on the longitudinal bar. 6, two connection, the effective lap length shall not be less than 1. 5 m, two build it bound and not less than three. Chinese fir from big head must be tied to the cross intersections. The take a contact between two pole must be staggered, horizontal and diagonal rod, small head should be pressure in the bulk. 7, hand lever ( Pull rod) Up and down, left and right sides operators should coordination and pull rod should be paid attention to not collision above personnel and has good pole should be attached to the hand lever should be in above personnel below catch pole after the echo, to let go. 8, in two cross must tie clasp, binding materials, available bands. Such as the use of lead wire it is forbidden to touch an electric overhead lines. Lead wire shall not be too loose, too tight, should make four lead wire apply real uniform stress, screw clasp with a buckle half advisable, and the ends of lead wire bent on Chinese fir from skin, not upwards.
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