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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Nanshan aluminum alloy scaffolding rental contact phone number: 18420150310 climbing scaffold installation and increasing process: 1) Set-up and operation platform, shelf installation technological process: the installation of bearing tap to build-up of bearing truss, build the frame body to set up a pull node, frame body ceiling, hanging nets to pick beam installation, electric hoist, connect gourd and bearing tap to install extraversion prevention device, install the fall - inspection acceptance. 2) Ascension process: check hook to loosen all fixed Rachel, evacuate all live load on the frame body to short to start the gourd, tight chain, adjust the hoist machine to receive strength evenly in the chain of - removing the connection of the building with bearing tap - boot, observation of condition and increase installed in place of bearing tap - bearing tap pull node - inspection acceptance after use. During the period of use will pick beam, electric hoist up to arrange another time to ascend. Each ascending a height, frame body time 1 to ascension 2 hours. Bowl of fastener type steel pipe scaffold pole accessories according to its USES can be divided into three classes of components, auxiliary components, special components. ( 1) Main component to form scaffolding main body parts. The stud and plunger, each have two specifications, on the rod are welded with spacing is 600 mm under the bowl. If the stud and plunger, cooperate with each other after long use, can constitute any height of the scaffold. Poling extension, joint should be staggered, to the top two kinds of the length of the plunger of the reoccupy after leveling. ( a) Stud by certain length 48 mm diameter x 3. Every 5 mm steel pipe with 0. 6 m installation bowl buckle joint, and the top welding stud welding control. Used as a scaffold of vertical bearing rod; ( b) Plunger is at the top of the vertical rod, connecting pipe has stood in the top bar, so that the person is inserted in the top brace. Used as a support frame ( Column) , promotion material such as serious a vertical bearing rod; Scaffolding leasing company: nanshan aluminum alloy scaffolding rental
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