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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Aluminum alloy scaffolding no contact phone number: 184201503102015 CPPCC proposed 'Internet +' plan of action. Under the call of the government, a large number of electric business platform in blowout emerging, in the 'Internet +' plan of action, there are a handful of buildings in platform formed certain influence, but most are in the process of operation, quickly or start the operation now. In recent years, Internet has accelerated the transformation of traditional industries, such as finance, transportation, real estate, etc. At present only construction cannot seem to be to get through the Internet, which embodied in the deep reasons behind this: complex, procurement plan difficult trading conditions, the traditional pattern of interests resistance and other factors, but from a long-term perspective, the construction industry by the Internet change is inevitable. Building template scaffold plate is an urgent need to the Internet to change the construction industry opaque caused the waste of resources, poor project management level is low, the enterprise benefit, industry contact problems, and many other ills, and in order to give suppliers, dealers, buyers matching supply and demand in an open, transparent and the trading environment, in the Internet + building new mode, the need to use the power of the Internet to change the old system, improve the efficiency of the traditional industry, management, and even in order to solve the contact link building. Template scaffold as a small section of the construction field, the visibility is rather low, but its market value is very large, at present the template scaffold annual production in 500 billion, at the same time the template scaffold plays an vital role in engineering construction, related to the construction quality and the security of employees, directly related to the profits of the project, and on this area both from the technical level, product quality, management level, remains to be further promoted, so need more attention and support social, although during this time someone introduces different forms of management software, and the establishment of the corresponding construction formwork platform, because of not in-depth study of the industry, coupled with the ground work without power, eventually became a mere skeleton deformity. Offline build sheet die gap between exchanges, the late opening RACES in major provinces in China, by providing samples show center, testing center and the remote control center, service center of credit, order processing center, financial settlement center, after-sales service as a whole, the experience type, trading hall, the high quality suppliers to achieve strategic cooperation product propaganda and the actual transaction service, let the transaction implementation localization, simple. Construction safety need us along with the economic development, a large number of building construction, increasingly, prompting the application of the formwork and scaffold. Accidents are at the same time, in order to reduce accidents, prevent accidents, and through the management of product quality control, production safety, the work, to guarantee the people's life and property safety and your family happiness. China construction formwork regulating network integration of a large number of the latest management, the construction standards, industry standards, new technologies such as the information for the personage inside course of study to download, help operation level of ascension. Template scaffold supply chain need our current national construction quantity showed a trend of decline, causing the template scaffold use synchronization also reduce; Die set category is various, the product is uneven, the price system of chaos; New products come into market carve up the traditional die set. Human and office costs increased pressure to operator, seriously restricting enterprise bigger development. Points are as follows: under the condition for specific users supply manufacturers, production planning, inventory unstable uncontrolled, raw material procurement cost volatility, quality deviation too narrow, excess production capacity, market competition pressures increase dealers: transformation and upgrading pressure, selling low rents, excess stock of materials, a single product system, funds payment days long, high risk, high operating costs building purchaser: insufficient supplies of affordable of trust, cooperation, safety, poor funding, flexible, high liquidity from the market situation analysis, the current around the die set supply chain each link users are faced with their own confusion, even a state of bottleneck, the core problem lies in the whole supply chain need to optimization, chartered to resources sharing. China construction formwork regulate network is the core of the swap, break the regional restrictions, to promote the supply chain members to assist each other closely, and make full practical resources supply and demand information. Aluminum alloy scaffolding ranking
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