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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Local time on September 24, 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina, local airport in the process of construction of new airport terminal, scaffolding collapsed and killed one worker and wounded at least 10 people. Rescuers and police have rushed to the scene. The authorities confirmed that three of the wounded have been taken to the airport for treatment to the ministry of health has four wounded was transferred to the nearby hospital. At present, the preliminary theory is due to the improper operation collided with scaffolding, causing the accident, cause the structure collapse. From the picture above you can see the terminal scaffold with doors scaffold, this type of scaffolding, a local problem, but will fail, and other place in China are constantly updated to improve on this architecture, is the best dish buckle scaffold. Tear open outfit is convenient, the structure is stable. In the construction of the terminal, a bit cannot careless, once an accident, will affect multiple families, and the timeline. Scaffolding scaffolding to the specification, material can't cut corners. Scaffolding is the stage of the building with most, should keep pace with The Times, using the latest quality better scaffold. But also a professional building planning and design structure, signature audit to ensure safety. Don't train employees on the methods of standard operation regularly. Tengda security company had already launched button scaffolding, there are 2 kinds of material, 1. 2 is the steel material. Is the aluminum alloy material. Modular structures, is very convenient. Unit scale, without the bulk. Without any tools, two workers in a short period of time can be set to a height of 20 meters overhead working area, very suitable for use in a terminal scaffolding.
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