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Around the scrutiny overloaded freight rapidly rising steel pipe scaffold also is going to rise - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the sky

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
The Shanghai news from China securities network ( Reporter Wang Wenyan) Wuxi viaduct rollover accident happens, the recent increase of vehicle overloading transfinite governance everywhere consolidation strength, truck overload phenomenon obviously contained. Integrated more media coverage, public information, after the accident, wuxi, nanjing, suzhou and other places is urgent to carry out the 'super' cure overnight, then in zhejiang, hunan, anhui, henan, 7 provinces such as guangdong, hainan, fujian also launch ultra limit operation cure. 'In the past 1 car transport phenomenon of 6 roll steel plate on the pavement, such as in recent days only 1 roll of steel plate. 'Steel trade industry Mr. Li to the Shanghai newspaper reporters. More than eastern China steel trade on the Shanghai newspaper reporters, in south jiangsu short-distance freight increase at 40% to steel 60%. A steel freight have been rising in Shanghai. Even some warehouse charge extra for truck the ticket costs 30 yuan. A jiangsu region, said steel distributors to send 190 tons of steel 2 car will send the original, now need to 6 car to send out. Is not only the increase freight, waiting for loading and unloading time longer. However, throughout the original link in the relative lack of lorry drivers say recent work environment has improved significantly. Steel prices continue to rise, then use the raw material of steel pipe scaffold, certainly also want to follow up, big price rise, this is suitable for the scaffolding can choose aluminum alloy material. Aluminum alloy scaffolding light weight, good rust is not serve as a scaffold materials, although the aluminum alloy material is a bit expensive, but with efficiency and life in the long run compared with steel tube scaffold, obviously much cheaper.
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