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Article 15 - use scaffolding safety rules Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
1. Scaffolds should be firmly in place. 2. Should develop scaffold design and relevant work procedures and capable man. 3. In the design of scaffold, should evaluate the load on the scaffold. 4. The structure of the scaffold, the type and installation method of anchor system should also be specified. 5. The outer wall of the building materials must check before use. Dr Erect ladder scaffolding so that she can support the design load on the scaffold. 6. If the wall is made of mud or sand brick, brick is unfavorable use using anchor or sleeve anchor anchorage. Other suitable anchor bolt should be used instead. 7. Each bracket shall be fitted with three or more of the anchor bolts. 8. The number of stents should comply with the design and load requirement. The scaffold. 9. About the length of anchor bolt and the installation program, please see should refer to the manufacturers operating manual. 10. Should provide safe access, in order to facilitate the flow of workers on the scaffolding of working platform and between buildings. 11. Should periodically check the scaffolding and anchorage system, maintained by qualified personnel and security authentication. 12. After the bad weather, should immediately check and repair the scaffolding. 13. To complete the installation of the scaffolding, scaffolding will enter a fixed system should be carried out in accordance with the design drawing to check and prove its security by qualified personnel before use. 14. On the truss structures, scaffolding workers should wear your seat belt, and each seat belt belt with the pendant, and fixed on the independent lifeline. 15. Don't make the scaffold overload.
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