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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction of steel pipe scaffold structures work ( 1) Adopted by the build-up of high-level scaffolding, various materials need to meet quality requirements. ( 2) High adhesion based need strong scaffold, before the erection of the computation, meet the requirement of load, and set-up, and according to the construction of drainage measures. ( 3) Scaffolding, technical requirements should comply with the regulations of relevant specification. ( 4) Need to attach great importance to all kinds of structural measures: bridging, node, etc. Shall be set up according to the requirement. ( 5) Level is closed: we should step up, step every step or two, be put with scaffolding plank hand or foot basketry, scaffolding to laid along, overlapping joint should be shelved in a small bar, it is forbidden to appear short board. And in every four step laid between stud and metope system bottom has long security. ( 6) Vertical closed: from step to step 5, each step all needs to set high in the outside vertical rod side protective railings and pedal or set up network, protective pole ( Network) With the stud pin down; Step 5 above in addition to the set a guard rail, set net should be all set its safety or security; In concentration areas or residents along the street, it should step up, outside all are safety basketry set net or security. Keywords: building steel pipe scaffold 'building construction handbook' fourth edition of China building industry press. 'Load code for the design of building structures' ( GB50009- 2001). China building industry press; 'Construction scaffolding practical manual ( Including the vertical transportation facilities) China building industry press; The construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications '( JGJ130 - 2001). China building industry press; Specification for design of concrete structures '( GB50010 - 2002). China building industry press; Specification for design of building foundation ( GB50007- 2002). China building industry press; 'Building construction safety inspection standards' ( JGJ59- 99). China building industry press. Scaffold inspection and acceptance of the project considering the construction period, quality and safety requirements, therefore, when choosing scheme, should give full consideration to the following: 1, the frame body structure design, makes every effort to do structure to safe, reliable, economic and reasonable cost. 2, under the condition of rules and regulations, the use of the term, can fully meet the expected safety and durability. 3, when choosing materials, and strive to achieve the common gm, can cycle use, easy to maintenance. 4, model selection of the structure, and strive to do force clear, construction measures in place, convenient operation, easy to check acceptance; 5, comprehensive above, scaffolding, authors, must also conform to the requirements of the 'building construction safety inspection standards', to comply with the relevant standards of the provincial civilized standard chemical. 6 above, combined with the scaffold design principles, combined with the actual situation of the project at the same time, considering the previous construction experience, decided to adopt the following steel cantilever scaffold scaffold.
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