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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Installation, use and remove the adhesive lifting scaffolding workers must go through professional training and exam, do show certificates. Untrained person ( Including scaffolder) Engaged in the operation are strictly prohibited. Adhesive lifting scaffolding before installation must be carefully organize team learning & other; Special safety construction organization design & throughout; ( Construction plan) And clarificaiton safety technical measures, the installation method, clear job responsibilities. Control center must be designated persons in charge of the operation, it is strictly prohibited personnel operating without permission. Horizontal beam and solid adhesive lifting scaffolding assembly to the main frame, in the two adjacent to support structure of elevation difference should be not more than 20 mm; The vertical main frame and the sway of the vertical deviation should be no greater than 5 & permil; And 60 mm; Obligate wall bolt holes and embedded parts should be perpendicular to the engineering structure surface, its center error is less than 15 mm. Each floor must be set up to support and engineering structure connection, frame body along the vertical side of main frame, in any case shall not be less than two. Attach supporting device be tight, smooth, firm. When use attachment support or steel pick beam, it is set in concrete strength comply with the design rules, and shall not be less than C10. Scaffold outside with federated eye network, close operation at the bottom of the layer below the federated eye network should be adopted and the flat screen firm seal. Adhesive lifting scaffolding assembly, To prevent falling prevent tilt safety device should carry on the inspection and test) Must after examination and acceptance of enterprise technology, head of the organization to deliver professional testing center. Lifting operation must strictly abide by the lifting operation procedures; Strictly control the load, and make sure that the shelf shall not exceed 2 kn/m2; All get in the way of frame length drop obstacles must be removed; Examine all kinds of pull rod, sling and rigging in good condition, it is forbidden to anyone ( Including operating personnel) Stay on the rack body, special circumstances must be approved by leadership, security measures, before implementation. In the process of lifting scaffolding frame body below there is someone that is coming, it is strictly prohibited to set security area, and hold people accountable for monitoring. Electric lifting scaffolding, construction lifter and tower crane is strictly prohibited. After lifting in place, must be timely to fixed according to usage. Before didn't finish the fixed frame body, homework personnel shall not be taken away from jobs or work. Before did not deal with formalities of delivery, must be to check item by item, after acceptance, party must consign is used. Decoration, in the construction of the whole electric lifting scaffolding support, Rachel, bolts, nuts, etc. Shall not dismantle, such as construction must be pulled down, should report to project director, shall be the responsibility of the professional unit change, demolition. It is forbidden to use hanging rack body material and answer the hoisting rope ( Mr. ) ; Not on the shelf cart, not arbitrary disassembly structure or loose fitting, mobile rack body safety protection facilities. Frame body bolt connectors, lift power equipment, tripping device, falling prevention device, electronic control equipment should be regularly ( At least half) Check the maintenance once and not regular sampling inspection, found abnormal, immediate solutions, it is strictly prohibited to use in spite of. Six levels of above wind stop lift or work, must be checked item by item, it reopened after party must return to work. Adhesive lifting scaffolding removal work, must according to the special safety construction organization design ( Construction plan) And disclosure requirement to implement safety technical measures and remove the nature in order to build after the break, after the first, the first tear open the attachment, and then open frame body, must have the prevention workers and falling objects, it is forbidden to throw down materials. At the end of the supplementary content:
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