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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Phase ii project name association letter city 5 # floor 24 construction of shutdown date of corrective action team head serial number inspection area main inspection content and standard inspection 1 frame body frame body without internal and external tilt, drooping, deformation phenomenon, set-up conforms to the requirements, various bars complete fastener and screw down the, deformation bar has been replaced or reinforcement, reliable connection between the frame body. 2 attach supporting structure and guide attached back stick structure of supporting structure, for equipment in good condition, with a solid wall connection & upgrades and using condition of not less than two, guide rail, in guide a guide rail and guide a reliable connection. 3 power system switch, button, convenient and flexible cable without damage, leakage protection device meets the requirements and border guard stands in the top four body shaking, if any, steel fasteners and building a temporary connection, the frame body fully sealed at the bottom of the loading platform 5 loading unloading wire rope should be taut, reliable load can be passed to the building structure safety net 6 with scaffolding safety set net laid closely and full taut, scaffolding should be according to the specification laid, without shake off seven flap and skirting board frame connected to the scaffolding should be strong, no looseness, skirting board height consistent, binding solid 8 maintenance frame body waste sundry clear in time, after electric hoist use application of the plastic to plunge into 9 unit installation and inspection personnel 10 years, the construction unit and inspectors in 11 years, supervision and inspection personnel monthly day 1, check the bar & other; √ ” Said is normal, play & other; × ” Said is not normal. 2 this table is a triplet type, project department and the company each save a copy of the reference, a supervision unit.
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