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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
1 operator must go through professional training. Scaffolding assembly before, should according to the special construction organization design requirements, with qualified personnel, a clear responsibility. For all materials, tools, and equipment inspection, unqualified products put into use is forbidden. 2 first assembly shall be carried out on the installation platform, horizontal and vertical main frame in two adjacent to supporting structure of the elevation difference is not more than 20 mm, the vertical main frame and the sway of the guide vertical deviation should not be greater than 5 & permil; And 60 mm, obligate wall bolt holes and embedded parts should be perpendicular to the external surface of the engineering structure, center error is less than 15 mm. 3 scaffolding assembly, must be on the safe insurance device, electric control device, lifting power equipment, synchronization, and load control system, the attached fittings, etc. A review of supporting points in engineering structure concrete strength after reaching bearing strength, only for lifting operation. 4 lifting operation for the first time, must be approved by corporate security, technical department acceptance, behind the company's chief engineer visa can be carried out. 5 before lifting operation should contact all the barriers to the frame body lifting and constraints. When lifting, operators are strictly prohibited to stay on the shelf. Special cases need here, must take effective safety measures. 6 are strictly prohibited personnel to enter at the bottom of the lifting scaffold. When lifting, should set up a security cordon and guardianship by designated personnel. In case of rain, snow, lightning and other severe weather and high winds over 5, should not be to lift, ban lifting operation at night. 7 in the process of lifting should be unified command, the standard instructions. Ascending and descending order should be issued by the commander-in-chief of the one person, but there are exceptions, anyone can stop orders immediately. 8 in the process of lifting, care workers must improve the sense of responsibility, found any abnormal, different sound and obstacles, should immediately stop, eliminate abnormal, may continue to operate. 7. 9. 9 after lifting scaffolding to the fixed frame body, must be attached to support and the fixed frame body, bolt connection, bowl buckles and fasteners, security protection, such as inspection, determined to meet the requirements, the before delivery. 10 construction load on the frame body must comply with the design rules, it is strictly prohibited to overload, it is forbidden to place concentrated load, affecting the safety of the local bar and should be clear in time the frame body, equipment, and other components on the trash and debris. 11 it is forbidden to use the frame body lifting objects, and may not be on the rack body Rachel hoisting rope and cart. May not use the frame body topside template. Discharging platform may not and the frame body together. 12 it is strictly prohibited to dismantle structures or loose fitting, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle or move on safety protection facilities. 13 scaffolds in use process should conduct a comprehensive inspection every month. Stop using more than one month, the reinforcement measures should be taken. 14 bolt connectors, lifting power equipment, tripping device, for equipment, electronic control equipment should be at least maintain once a month. 15 the removal of scaffolding must be conducted according to the special construction organization design, demolition, throwing objects, are forbidden to remove the materials and equipment should be timely repair and maintenance, not meet the requirements of the design must be scrapped.
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