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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Unit project name clarificaiton date (date) (month) (year) division component project name adhesive lifting scaffolding production team: (name of the safety technical disclosure content The overall hoisting frame or climbing frame) 1, the overall hoisting frame should according to the ministry of construction 'the interim provisions on the management of building construction adhesive lifting scaffolding set-up, and the construction plan and must be through the local testing and acceptance, safety supervision and regulation department before use. 2, the frame body height should not be greater than 5 times higher floors; Net frame body width should not be greater than 1. 2米; Linear layout frame body bearing span should not be greater than 8 m; Line or curve layout frame body bearing span should not be greater than 5. 4m。 3 and integral lifting scaffolding frame body shall not be less than 1/2 bearing span cantilever length and 3 m, monolithic adhesive lifting scaffolding frame body should not be more than a quarter of the cantilever length level bearing span. Lift and use cases, the cantilever rack body height should not be greater than 6 m and 2/5 body height. 4, vertical main frame must finalize the design framework of connecting bolts or welding, to improve the stability of the frame body, steel fasteners and other scaffolding rods shall be used for assembly. 5, main frame, horizontal beam frame of each node, the axis of the each bar should be concurrent in a bit. 6, according to the requirements of general frame bracing, but should be vertical main frame, the frame body horizontal beam frame and frame into an organic whole. 7, frame structure in the following parts reliable structure strengthening measures should be taken: (1) and attached the joint of supporting structure; (2) on the shelf of the lifting mechanism set; (3) on the frame body sway, fall prevention device Settings; (4) the frame body haul at point set; (5) frame body inner corner; (5) the rack body by touching the tower crane, construction elevator, material platform facilities such as the need to disconnect or open hole, etc. 8, tripping device application of bolt with vertical main frame, attach supporting structure or engineering structure, reliable connection, shall not use the way such as steel fasteners. 9, for device should be installed in vertical frame parts, and each vertical lifting equipment must be set up a main frame, for device must be sensitive, reliable, the braking distance for integral adhesive lifting scaffolding shall not be greater than 80 mm, for monolithic adhesive lifting scaffolding shall not be greater than 150 mm. At 2 o 'clock, the frame body lift lifting point more than 10, cannot use the hand chain hoist, electric hoist and must be used with control synchronization lifting device, and should have overload alarm downtime, underload alarm, and other functions. Clarificaiton signatures signature security officer accept clarificaiton signatures safety technical disclosure book 5 & ndash; Unit 2 project name clarificaiton date (date) (month) (year) division component project name adhesive lifting scaffolding production team name safety technical disclosure content: 11, the lateral frame body must use protective safety net firmly closed, the underlying scaffolding must close the shop, and the application of flat bottom of the net. 12, attached scaffold construction area should have lightning protection measures. 13, strict control of the frame body construction load, it is strictly prohibited to overload. It is forbidden to place concentrated load, affecting the safety of the local bar and clear in time the construction waste on the body and sundry. 14, it is forbidden to use frame body lifting materials, topside template; It is forbidden to random dismantle or loose fitting and safety protection facilities; It is strictly prohibited on the shelf cart; Discharging platform together with no frame body; Lifting material collision frame body is forbidden. 15, the frame body build-up or ascension at a time ( Down) Before, all want to conduct a comprehensive inspection, removing the building main body connection influence of ascension with all temporary fixed facilities, confirmed by the inspection acceptance can be stepped to rear can operation condition for homework. 16, the frame body bolts on fittings, lift power equipment, tripping device, for equipment, electronic equipment, maintenance once a month at least. 17, adhesive lifting scaffolding belong to high dangerous operations, during installation, lifting and removal should be designated limits security and supervision and inspection by designated personnel, it is forbidden to throw the material. 18, the frame body used materials and equipment must be strictly checked, serious deformation, corrosion, wear and failure of materials and equipment, is strictly prohibited. 19, in five ( 5) More high winds and heavy rain, snow, fog and other bad weather, the ban on lift and remove operation, and should in advance to frame body reinforcement measures, ban lifting operations at night. 20, the frame body stopped to return to work after a month or more than in six levels of winds, should be a comprehensive inspection on the rack body, to ensure construction safety. 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