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Attention and scaffolding rental prices and build - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
And the scaffold is a way of building, can use scaffold for bowl, plate of scaffolding, hot dip galvanized scaffolding, scaffolding and other various types of disk scaffold for installation, high utilization rate in this way in the construction industry, and nice appearance. In general and scaffolding rental price is mainly according to the customer's rent amount and to determine the length of the lease, the greater the amount of rent, lease, the longer the average rental price is relatively cheaper per ton: two rent amount less. The rental period is short, the average rental price per ton will be relatively high. In addition, different leasing company, their price is different, so the lease fee will be different, the price of the specific can consult relevant leasing company. And frame structures is also need to consider in the process of, and is a key consideration. Aerial work therefore luce is beyond high school homework, so has certain risk. If there is no better security protection measures, the risk will become more serious, the scaffolding of a work to build. From the two kinds of scaffolding for a description of the production process, increase understanding, make friends avoid unnecessary security issues. Welded frame type scaffold, the main ChengZaiJian all welded into a piece of a frame structure, so that in the high school building in the process of welding together the framework of its own weight itself is larger, one when lifting welded frame is spent force, ( Or need two people to cooperate in lifting scaffolding) So in careful homework must affect building efficiency at the same time. Without welding aluminum alloy scaffolding of the single lever adopts single piece structure, single weight is heavier than the framework of welded together to light. Therefore in the process of aerial work completely can be a person to bar lifting scaffolding, so relative to the welding of two people framework structures, job security is assured.
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