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Attention points for safety issues in the construction

by:Shizhan     2020-04-01

The stage lighting stand is a must-have project for most performances, celebrations, weddings, openings and other activities. 

Many inexperienced people set up for some reasons will not cause accidents. Important methods that should be noted. 

 1. The distance between the crossarm and the beam should not be too large. Try to raise the height of the stage lighting rack to the place closest to the crossarm. The maximum possible use is the height of the pillar, otherwise the beam is easy to shake and the staff can easily arrange the lighting and sound Danger. 

 2. For higher stage lighting stands, some safety measures should be taken, such as: increasing stay cables, stay rods, and suspended ceilings. Otherwise, collapse accidents are likely to occur. 

 3. Do not add tarpaulin, mesh, etc. above the truss, which will increase the lateral force of the stage lighting frame, increase the lateral area of the stage lighting frame, may be increased by wind, causing accidents. 

 4. Do not use the stage lighting stand with caution in severe weather. Bad weather such as typhoons and rainstorms may easily cause accidents. You should make adequate preparations. If the outdoor stage lighting stand encounters this situation, you should remove it or raise the height in time. Descend to a safe point. 

 There are many ways to set up stage lighting stands, but we must pay attention to these safety measures to prevent the occurrence of stage safety accidents. In order for the stage activities to proceed smoothly, it is necessary for everyone to understand the safety issues of these stage lighting stands.                                

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